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Snapchat wants to make itself safer for teens with more parental controls

I neglect my talents Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and...
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Business With Remote Working

Companies are trying to work out the best post-pandemic working model. What can we learn from these four...
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Apple’s privacy reputation is at risk with the changes it announced

Apple announced a system this week that will enable it to flag images of child exploitation uploaded to...
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Google says it won’t stalk you across the web with cookies

Google made a big announcement on Wednesday — it’s going to stop following people round the web. Sort...
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Feds reportedly take down top ransomware hacker group REvil with a hack of their own

The government has successfully hacked the hacking group REvil, the entity behind the ransomware that’s been linked to...
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Apple’s latest sci-fi drama Invasion starts out too dang slow

For a show about an alien invasion, Invasion is decidedly lacking in aliens thus far. The latest sci-fi...
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New US rules on spyware exports try to limit surveillance tech like Pegasus

The US Department of Commerce announced a new rule to prevent the sale of hacking tools to China...
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