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More than 40 billion records were exposed in 2021

It won’t have escaped the notice of people watching and reading the news about cyber breaches that such...
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Attackers impersonate Zoom to steal Microsoft account credentials

Threat actors are very aware that a huge number of people leverage online platforms to host and participate...
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The UK encourages local organizations to brace for Russian state cyber attacks

UK organizations are being urged to bolster their defenses as cyber incidents in Ukraine intensify.The National Cyber Security...
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Crypto miners are taking over the internet

The drive to cash in on the cryptocurrency boom is nowhere to be seen – as innocent internet...
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Ransomware affiliates discuss prison life amidst REvil arrests

While some claim prison is relatively safe for cybercriminals, others fear ransomware business might cost them their life.Recent...
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Consumers lost $770 million to fraud initiated on social media

Threat actors increasingly use online networks to con consumers. In 2021, victims reported $770 in losses to scams...
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close up view of system hacking

Cybersecurity trends to watch for 2022: From extortion to satellite attacks

#1 The number of ransomware attacks will continue to growIn 2021, we observed an impressive number of ransomware...
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Online fraud is an ‘epidemic’

The latest report by Group-IB highlights the ways scammers operate.Scams and phishing remain two of the most alarming...
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Chinese hackers exposed leveraging Log4j vulnerability to hack academic institution

Crowdstrike witnessed a Chinese espionage group, AQUATIC PANDA, using the Log4j bug (dubbed Log4Shell) to attack an unnamed...
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