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Research & Development

Get ahead in the world of mobile security

From an idea to a commercial product

Take your project to the next level with Woohoo Secure’s professional software and hardware R&D services. Our team can help you every step of the way, from technology consulting and solution architecture, through design and prototyping, to full-scale product production.

A framework designed to deliver


In this early stage, we evaluate your expectations and product requirements.


This is a short development cycle that aims to test and verify the feasibility of a specific concept.


The prototyping phase aims to develop an interactive working model of the end product.


Ensure that the products can be scaled, pass regulatory requirements, and are ready to sell.


We ensure that the product is ready for mass production, can be easily scaled, and meet regulatory requirements.


The product enters mass production.

Software R&D

Our software R&D team has experience with Android, Linux, iOS, and all major chipset platforms. Depending on the requirements and time frame of your project, we may integrate proprietary Woohoo Secure components (Secure OS, Secure Chat, and SAS), or other third-party components in order to accelerate the development process.

Hardware R&D

Our hardware R&D team has a diverse background ranging from working on small-scale proof-of-concept projects to full-blown product design and production. Base your project on one of our existing hardware platforms for fast turnaround times or start from scratch to design a unique product. Additionally, our ISO 9001 certified assembly facilities are ready to ramp up production.

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