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Pre Delivery Inspection

Woohoo Secure Pre Delivery Inspection

Remove all the stress of buying a T2 Communicator with a personal Pre-Delivery Inspection. One of our qualified engineers will fully inspect your chosen T2 Communicator to make sure that everything arrives to you in perfect condition and ready to use.

Our comprehensive examination will guarantee no missing pixels from the screen, that the phone is operational with the latest operating system critical updates and that any software initially requested such as apps or MS Office is installed and configured for optimum security and ease of use.
As an additional safeguard, should a fault develop within the first 7 days following delivery, you are guaranteed a new swap-out at no cost to yourself

So avoid disappointment and hassle as Woohoo Secure’s Pre-Delivery Inspection puts your T2 Communicator in the right hands.

Please note: Process takes up to 48 hours. Your chosen delivery time will commence after this.

What is a PDI Checklist?

A PDI checklist is used by our security inspectors to assess the phones’ operating conditions and compliance with safety regulatory standards before selling to our customers. Using a PDI checklist can help lessen phones that come back to the seller with problems, prevent costly recalls, and gain a high reputation of consistent quality for the seller.

Risks of Inefficient Pre-delivery Inspections

Striking the right balance between efficiency and satisfactory work has been a challenge in doing pre-delivery inspections. Security inspectors either waste too much time and energy using paper-based PDI checklists or conduct pre-delivery inspections based on fallible human memory. Here are risks that dealers expose themselves to when they perform inefficient PDIs:

Recurring Issues

Technicians might miss common issues that should have been detected during an effective pre-delivery inspection. Defective phones returned to the seller entail repairs or modifications that could have been accomplished prior to delivery and spending costly man-hours of duplicated work.

Missed Delivery Commitments

Dealers inevitably struggle with delays in the delivery schedule as sold phones in the service department increase. Expect low customer satisfaction when business processes such as customer service and logistics slow down due to inefficient inspections.