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Security & defense

Security & defense

When it comes to the protection of people and property, having the right information at the right time is of critical importance. The defense industry calls for the highest available security and reliability standards and independence from third-party providers.

ClientSecurity & Defense
SkillsCommunication apps and services
SectorThe defense industry
Of companies in the industry with more than 500 employees have experienced a cyber attack
Data breaches in government or military institutions in the US for 2018
Of companies do not have a good sense of the cost needed to recover from a cyber attack

The Problem

Mobile communications are a tricky field regarding security, to begin with. The way the regular cellular infrastructure operates leaves a number of attack surfaces and vectors and gives elevated access to multiple third parties. There are several general concerns about the security of mobile communications:

  • Network operators have elevated access to mobile communications’ content and metadata.
  • IMSI-catchers – the surveillance technology used by law enforcement for wiretapping purposes – is now widely available to other parties, including criminal organizations.
  • Vulnerabilities in the SS7 protocol used by all networks offer almost unlimited options for location tracking of devices and, by extension, individuals.
  • Communication apps and services rely on third-party infrastructure, with little or no guarantees that messages aren’t stored and read.
  • Mobile devices are inherently vulnerable to hacking and malware infections.

The Solution

Woohoo Secure’s products are designed to offer a combination of security, control, and versatility. Our software uses strong encryption to secure communications. Our devices have a zero-attack-surface. They are all micro-manageable and customizable through SAS. We have also developed a way to make the service deployable on different infrastructures, as well as to make the apps compatible with equivalent services by third-party providers. Our solutions enable organizations to:

  • Run a secure communications center by self-hosting our solutions and operating a network of secure communication devices. Ensure higher system integrity and data security and establish visibility into various user groups.
  • Rely on the phones for secure communications – all ingoing and outgoing communications, plus the storage, use strong end-to-end encryption.
  • Resort to the device’s duress features if necessary – phone’s storage and memory can be erased remotely with SAS, or automatically if the device is isolated from the network or in case of physical tampering.
  • Request a custom solution. For example, we can design and develop rugged hardware models, ensuring that they will withstand extreme field conditions. Secure Group’s hardware models are in-house built, security-hardened, and tested by rigorous quality assurance procedures to guarantee zero-day-integrity.