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Global decentralized network infrastructure

Decentralized secure communication network

Our global decentralized network infrastructure is at the heart of our services. Structured around Encrypted Communications Nodes (ECNs) spread around the globe, it guarantees always-on, secure, and private communications.

ECN Architecture

The advanced architecture of each Encrypted Communication Node (ECN) structures applications as a collection of microservices. This modular design allows for easy maintenance and expansion of functionalities if needed.


  • Node capacity: 3000 users.
  • Scalability: new nodes can be added on-demand to increase capacity.



Of firms falling prey to phishing attacks



Of companies do not have a good sense of the cost needed to recover from a cyber attack



Of companies in the industry with more than 500 employees have experienced a cyber attack



Data breaches in government or military institutions in the US for 2018

No single point of failure

Decentralized networks are inherently harder to attack, as they don’t contain substantial data silos, a preferred target for attackers. The lack of a single point of failure means that even if a single node is compromised, the network remains intact and operational.

Zero-knowledge architecture

Our network is designed around the concept of zero-knowledge, meaning that no sensitive information, confidential data, or private encryption keys are ever stored outside the communication devices. There is zero room for human error or internal data leakage.

Turnkey node deployment

New nodes can be deployed in a manner of minutes, thanks to the pre-configured turnkey installation.

Infinitely scalable

Each Encrypted Communication Node has a capacity for up to 3000 users. However, the technology allows for limitless and rapid scalability. New nodes can be easily deployed and added on demand.

Turnkey deployment

Spawn new nodes in a manner of minutes, thanks to the pre-configured turnkey installation. Or rely on one of our integration partners to do it for you.

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